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Hi Bubbe!

My mom was not a religious person at all (indeed, she was a committed secularist). So, when we had a brief ceremony at her bedside at Serenity House hospice in Santa Barbara yesterday, the day after her death, it was non-denominational and led by the Chaplain there.

Beautiful blessings were offered, and the symbolism included a quilt, with an embroidered image of a hummingbird, whose wings beat so fast, some believe, it can carry messages from the other side. I took a picture, only of that image, before we said goodbye to my mom.

Today, after I told my two daughters, Alison and Marlena, about the ceremony and the image (they were not able to go to Santa Barbara), we were standing on the lawn chatting, and a hummingbird flew right up to us, hovering, and made eye contact long enough to allow us to say, “Hi Bubbe!” with the most amazed and joyful expressions on our faces! The bird then flew a few feet, turned and looked at us again, and flew off.

The girls and I are afraid we had a religious experience, which would not really please their Bubbe at all! But you can make of it what you will.

Meanwhile, let my mom’s–my kids’ Bubbe’s–memory be a blessing to us all!